About Us

Edgar is a professional English mountain tour Guide specialist in adventure travel, his passion has been dedicated over 15 years traveling and visiting every one of the mountain surroundings in Cusco city where the experience gave him understanding of the enigmas and mysteries surrounding these magnificent places. Studied on the top technological institute Tupac Amaru Cusco, graduating as a professional tour guide specializing in adventure travel and English language he learned the job.

The experience of traveling to different places and contact with indigenous people made us understand the importance of protecting the environment and rescuing our past rich in history also collecting all the opinions and suggestions about the importance of our culture and nature wealth and labor sustainable for the equitable distribution of all money generated by tourism is born the idea for this tour company “Travel One Expeditions” with the idea of creating a unique travel adventure of its kind to be a real challenge for any travel agency that wants to achieve the same motivation

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We comply with all LEGAL REQUIREMENTS the central and local government requires providing tourist services and we are also accredited by the Ministry of Tourism of Peru.

  • Our Team

    The quality of our guides is the single most important factor that creates a truly fantastic experience on any adventure tour. It’s for this reason we are committed to hiring and training the best guides in the industry.

    In addition, we also have people with excellent skills. These extraordinary men and women have the ability to turn a simple vacation into an unforgettable experience, inspiring – adventure – and sometimes truly life changing.

  • Goals and Objectives

    Our priority is the satisfaction without limits of our clients at all times creating a family atmosphere sharing all our knowledge that we acquire in the long professional life so all made possible by a specialized team of excellent professionals local guides all born and in this beautiful city of Cusco mastering several languages between English and Quechua languages (our native tongue).

    Quality control of all the services we provide is our top priority having modern vehicles for tourist transport and selected camping equipment for comfort in adventure travel and the effort we make to create undoubtedly perfect travel take us soon to be leaders in the market.
    Among our goals is also the correct distribution of all our income among all indigenous people who work with us in this way help the economy of these local families.

  • Our mision

    MAKING EXPERIENCE and ensuring exceptional hiking trips with our exceptional guides and extraordinary support staff who are highly trained and qualified to deliver an unforgettable experience demonstrating their abilities in the culinary art achieves cuisine fantastic!
    As a priority to minimize solid waste levels in these times are uncontrolled having to do different work policies for sustainable environmental care
    Contribute to the conservation of the environment and wildlife to donate a minimum of our annual gross revenues for conservation of environment and wildlife throughout the scope of our work area, and partner with organizations to advance this part of our mission.

  • Our vision

    We know you are our reason for being here and therefore our vision is to satisfy and make you feel comfortable at all times, there is nothing more important to us than you to feel proud of what you have chosen.

  • Our product

    We are specialized in round trips in the Cusco Heritage, nature and culture. We offer experiences of the real Inkas house, by bringing our clients in of the beaten track locations besides the main well known destinations – often done by trekking and walking.

  • Our equipment

    Travel One Expeditions is 100% dedicated to providing quality service first class, this is achieved by providing high quality equipment selected according to the needs of each of our adventure travel and also have a good tourist transport service with vehicle of the year according to the requirements and regulations of the Ministry of Transport of Peru.

  • Privacy

    We absolutely respect the privacy of clients. All confidential information, including credit card information, is used strictly internally, and only for the specifically authorized transaction(s). We do not provide client data to third parties, except of course as needed to complete travel arrangements with suppliers. If you feel this policy has been breached, please contact us at once.

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