Salkantay Trek 5 days

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Starting Altitude

2750m / 8920ft.

Walking Distance

45km / 29 miles

Highest Altitude

4215m / 13,780ft.

Coldest Night

Days 2 and 3 around 0º Celsius

Overall Difficulty

Overall Difficulty


Apu Salkantay (6,264 masl / 20551 ft) sacred mountain of the incas located in the Vilcabamba range, to the south of the Sacred Citadel of Machu Picchu.

This mountain together with the constellation of the Southern Cross were related to astrological observation developed by the Incas in this way knew exactly the winter and summer solstices (June and December). Much importance to religion and agriculture that were the basis for the development of this civilization,The best time of year to visit the Apu Salkantay is during the winter, from April to October. Temperatures range from -5º C / 41 ºF to 23º C / 73 ºF; with a scarce chance of rain. The maximum altitude we will reach is 4643 masl / 15233 ft at the Salkantay pass, with the minimum altitude being 2000 masl / 6562 ft in the town of Aguas Calientes.

The minimum to open the departure is two people and our maximum is eight so if you guys are two we can do it!


Day 1: Cuzco – Soyroqocha

We leave Cuzco early in the morning towards the town of Mollepata by private transport; the trip will take approximately 4 hours. We will be to the north west of Cusco city and then we continue to the town of Limatambo, where we can visit the archaeological site of Tarawasi.
Upon arrival at Mollepata, we will have a short break, and then continue our journey for approximately another 2 hours to Soraypampa (3268 masl / 10722 ft) where we will have lunch.
Our walk begins with a moderate climb to SALKANTAYPAMPA (4153 masl / 13625 ft), where we will have a spectacular view of the mountain Salkantay. We begin our steep climb with a wonderful view of the snow-capped peak, and arrive at our campsite at Soyroqocha (4485 masl / 14715 ft). At this campsite we can expect a very cold night (0º C / 32 ºF or below). The gradient of the climb is moderate. Overnight.

Maximum Altitude: 4485 masl / 14715 ft
Minimum Altitude: 3268 masl / 10722 ft
Distance Travelled: 6km / 3.10 ml
Approximate Walking Time: 4 hrs

Day 2: Soyroqocha – Colpapampa

We wake up early in the morning to have the option to see the mountain of Salkantay at its best form and after breakfast we will begin approximately 01 hour up to the Salkantay pass, later to start the descent to Wayrajmachay (3932 meters / 12900 feet). Then continue to the Humantay valley and arrived at our campsite in Colpapampa about 5 hours later.

Day 3: Colpapampa – Playa – Santa Teresa
Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Maximum Altitude: 4650 masl / 15340 ft
Minimum Altitude: 2840 masl / 9372 ft
Distance Travelled: 12 km / 6.83 ml
Approximate Walking Time: 8 hrs

Day 3: Colpapampa – Playa – Santa Teresa

Easy trek of about 4 hours. We walk along the Banks of the Santa Teresa River crossing a forest of native trees. We will pass a beautiful water fall and coffee and fruit tree plantations. Our campsite at La Playa has some facilities and we can refresh ourselves in the river. The gradient is moderate.

Maximum Altitude: 2840 masl / 9372 ft
Minimum Altitude: 2088 masl / 6850 ft
Distance Travelled: 10 km / 6.21 ml
Approximate Walking Time: 6 hrs

Day 4: Playa -Santa Teresa – Aguas Calientes

Leaving early, we walk along the road for about 45 minutes and then turn off onto the footpath leading to the Aobamba valley. The climb will take approximately 2 hours, through a forest of native trees to the archaeological site of Llactapata, where we will have views of Machu Picchu and of the Apu Salkantay. We continue downhill to cross the Aobamba river and arrive to the train station at the Hidroélectica (hydro-electric plant).

Here we have to take a train to Aguas Calientes, the last place of this adventure.

Maximum Altitude: 2800 masl / 9240 ft
Minimum Altitude: 1900 masl / 6233 ft
Distance Travelled: 9 km / 5.59 ml
Approximate Walking Time: 9 hrs

Day 5: Machu Picchu – Cuzco

Early in the morning we take the bus from the town of Aguas Calientes to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu. We have the opportunity to climb the difficult path to the top of the Huayna Picchu mountain, which offers spectacular and different views, it is even possible to see the Apu Salkantay.

The tour of Machu Picchu allows us to appreciate the high level of development achieved by Andean civilization through the Incas.

Maximum Altitude: 2437 masl / 7995 ft
Minimum Altitude: 2070 masl / 6791 ft
Distance Travelled: 1.50 km / 0.93 ml
Approximate Walking Time: 3 hrs


The night before your trek there will be a pre-trek talk (briefing) in our office or in your hotel (exact time will be confirmed on arrival to Cusco).

If you are interested in this tour or do you have any questions about it.


Our service includes:

  • Bus to trailhead.
  • Bilingual professional guides (English – Spanish).
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Igloo tents: 2 people in each 3-person-capacity tents, to allow for greater comfort and space to keep the backpacks. Mattress (sleeping pad), dinner tent, bathroom tent, kitchen tent, tables & seats, table set,
  • Water filter.
  • Chef, healthy food (Vegetarian option available).
  • Meals (4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 snacks, 4 dinners) – includes crepes, omelets, soups, fresh fruit, avocado, pastas, chicken, fish, meat, rice (all meals will be rich in carbohydrates for hiking) – Hot drinks like coca tea (excellent for the altitude) coffee, cookies, and popcorn.
  • Entrance fee to Machupicchu.
  • Return train ticket to Cusco (Expedition class)
  • First-aid kit, oxygen tank, and radio communication.

Does not include:

  • Sleeping Bag (Can be hired from us)
  • Breakfast on Day 1 and lunch on Day 5
  • Entrance to Huayna Picchu Mountain
  • Tips for your guide and staff are much appreciated

How to book

How to book

To reserve your spot on the trail with travel one expeditions, each person must pay a deposit of $200.00 and then pay the rest at our office in Cusco two days before your trek beings. To get the student discount, please send us a scan of both sides of your student card through email at the time you wish to reserve your spot. The only one Accepted by Peruvian Government is the International ISIC card.
To make your deposit, please pay through our Paypal account by clicking the “Pay Now” button below.


Deposit for Hike

Instructions to send the warranty payment
Send your payment by:
1. Western Union you must send the payment with the name of our Agency Manager, please do not send the payment with other name.
With Western Union, you can send and get money quickly at any of our 117.000 agents or offices all over the world. Check on internet look for the nearest office of Western Union, ask for International sendings cashier, then you will get a form and you have to fill it in.
Complete the form.
Ensure you get the form to fill it in.
The payement is in american dollars and write the amount in letters.
Then write in numbers the amount you will send.

Copy the receptionist information as follows:

  • Name: Edgar
  • Surname: Tito Peralta
  • Identity Number: 23993399
  • Adrress: Urb san Borja baja L-17
  • City: Cusco
  • Country: Peru

Do not forget to fill in your personal information. Pay to the cashier the amount you will send plus the charge of sending. You will be asked to display your identification. Once the deposit is done you will be given a bill that includes your MTCN: (Money Transfer Control Number).
Send us a mail indicating the amount you are sending and the MTCN, we will confirm the transference by e-mail,
Or by phone. (051-084-261631) then we will proceed to make all the payments.
We send an e-mail confirm the transference and re-confirm your reserves.
Huaynapicchu Climbing. – You need to book in advance too as the Inca trail because it has a limit capacity of 400 people per day which is divided in to 2 shifts. The first shift is at 7 am, and the second one at 10 am, each shift allows 200 people.
The climb is 50 minutes to an hour, it is a bit narrow but safe, the view of Machu picchu is breathtaking,The sun gate, Urubamaba valley and river.The Price is $70 us dollars.


Recommendations for the trek

  • The waste or trash that you will generate during the route, please collect and leave it in the dumpster that exists in the route, if you are in the camping please bring your waste to the porter or cook, they will leave it in recycling bags.
  • Campfires are strictly prohibited by the regulation, because the area is very vulnerable, the area has suffered many fires over the previous years.
  • Not permitted to climb the walls of the archaeological sites, it is not allowed pick up flowers, hunt animals or to take stones.
  • The route is quite safe, there are some sections that are narrow, where you need to be careful, in this place the view of the mountains is amazing, deep valleys, rivers. If you want to observe you must stop and then continue the tour to avoid any misstep or accident.
  • Firearms are prohibited.
  • It is not recommended to bring alcoholic beverages, because it is a historic sanctuary and because our fellow travelers deserve respect.
  • In case of any emergency, please contact immediately with the guide or trail workers who are on duty to assist any incident in the route.

Recommended things to bring

  • Sleeping bag (you can rent at the office).
  • Bottle of mineral water.
  • Rain gear and/or plastic poncho (can be purchase in Cusco).
  • Hiking boots.
  • Warm jacket or fleece, t-shirts, shorts, long pants, sun hat and wool hat.
  • Flashlight.
  • Sun block.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Toilet paper and garbage bag.
  • Small towel and bathing suit (hot springs optional).
  • Camera, extra film and extra batteries.
  • Snacks, chocolates, energy bars.
  • Emergency money.
  • Walking stick (optional).


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